VIP Card Espana

 VIP Card Espana - Discounts and Offers in Spain


 VIP Card Espana is the new way to enjoy a massive amount of discounts and offers. Jump the Queues and get free admission to nightclubs, make eating out more affordable or get your shopping done cheaper today!
Absolutely anyone can become a VIP in Espana!

VIP Card Espana saves you money at nightclubs, bars, award-winning restaurants, takeaways, jewellers, hairdressers, beauty salons, shops, and many more venues. VIP Card Espana gives you 12 months of savings for just 5€. Spend just 41 cents per month to gain access to hundreds of Euros worth of savings!!!

This is the number one discount card to gain money off. You can use the same VIP Card for all of the towns listed and the further we expand, the more cash you'll save as we will make those offers available to you too. With the discount you can receive from one meal at a restaurant, you can get the money back you spent on the card.
VIP Card Espana really is great value for money!

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